Meet The J.T. Horns!

Daphne Thompson

Daphne’s vocals have been described as pure and gritty soul. Being heavily influenced by her roots in the Baptist Church, Daphne combines traditional gospel, r&b, and jazz stylings to each musical selection unique.  She has been member to several Bay Area choirs spanning more than 20 years.   Professional influences include Aretha Franklin, Sarah Vaughn, Anita Baker and Rachelle Ferrell.  Daphne’s vocal experience includes lending her vocals as background for renowned reggae artist Sonny Okosuns, touring the mid-west with him as well as performing 'Reggae on the River'.  She has also lent her vocals as background to Bay Area original artist Robert Temple, and to studio sessions for other local talents.  As Daphne sings, she invites the audience to  enter her world of expression through energetic performance and strong vocals.

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